team bonding


  On January 26, Impact hosted a very successful Team Bonding Event. We introduced a new wave of members to our team; through fun, self-improvement activities. Thus, we made a strong first step into the 2019 new year. All the new members were excited to begin their new journey as a part of Impact SFU. 



  Through the approval of a grant, most of our costs were covered by Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS). 


 We did not earn any revenue at this event. This event was hosted to help first year students become accustomed to their new environment; while introducing new members to our team.   


SFU Student Body Impact:  

  • Through fun, self-improvement activities, students learned key techniques on how to meet their new year's resolutions
  • This fun social gathering helped first year students become accustomed to their new surroundings
  • Students learned the importance of giving back and partaking in extracurricular activities 
  • We were lucky to welcome new members to our team; who were eager to begin their journey with Impact SFU