Club Finances

Every year, we aim to donate $400 to Beautiful World Canada (BWC). Their mission statement is to improve the lives of girls living in poverty, through the power of education. Through our fundraisers, we hope to leave an impact on the world. We also host other events that are intended to leave an impact on the SFU Surrey student body. 

Clubs Day


  Impact SFU had a great time tabling at Surrey Clubs day on January 22, 2019. Students from all faculties and years conversed with our executive team about our clubs's mandate and goals for the academic year. At the end of the event, we had over 30 new signees. 

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Team Bonding


  On January 26, 2019, Impact hosted a very successful team bonding event. We introduced a new wave of members to our team; through fun, self-improvement activities. Thus, we made a strong first step into the new year. All the new members were excited to begin their journey with Impact SFU. 

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Club Merchandise


 Personalized phone card holders, pens, and t-shirts were purchased; with the Impact SFU logo printed on them. This allowed us to increase our brand awareness, while enhancing our sense of identity within the club. 

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Valentine's Day Roses


  Surrey students were treated to the aroma of roses and sweets during Impact's Valentine's Day event! More than 98% of the proceeds that we made from this event was donated to BWC.

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Care Packages Event


  With finals on the horizon, Impact's Care Packages event arrived to save Surrey students from the approaching stress. Many students went home with snacks, tea and Muji notebooks. 

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