We are especially looking for general members, event coordinators, graphics coordinators, photographers, videographers, and a finance coordinator, but feel free to apply to any positions you are interested in.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of Impact SFU. Please read through the information below on what positions are available within Impact SFU. All members are expected to attend all meetings, and most events. Note that to apply for a Vice President position, members must have taken on the responsibilities of a role outside of a general member.

General Member

  • Volunteers to help out with at least 2 events per semester
  • Attends all club meetings, occurring Tuesdays at 6:30 - 7:30 pm at SFU Surrey
  • Votes in annual co-president elections
  • Maintains daily slack and email communications with club members
  • Attends at least 1 club social per semester

Event Committee

Event Coordinators

  • Works with VP Programming
  • Brainstorms, plans, and coordinates events in conjunction with the rest of the event committee
  • Organizes clubs day each semester
  • Organizes club study sessions at least once a month
  • Organizes 2 club socials per semester
  • Will be responsible to lead an event at least once per semester
  • Will require quick responses, especially near event dates
  • Can pitch events through the proposal program

Marketing Committee


  • Works with VP Marketing and Co-Presidents
  • Writes blog posts for the website after every event
  • Uploads blog posts to the website
  • Interviews/ communicates with members to add in thoughts from members in blog posts
  • Obtains photographs from events to add into blog posts
  • Will require quick responses, especially near marketing deadlines
  • Must maintain professionalism in blog posts (no profanity, etc)

Graphics Coordinator

  • Works with VP Marketing
  • Creates graphics to be posted on Instagram, Facebook, Website, Emails, and Flyers
  • Will work off of Canva platform using club accounts
  • Must adhere to SFSS guidelines when creating graphics
  • Will require quick responses, especially near marketing deadlines
  • Must create requested graphic within 48 hours
  • Meets with VP Marketing for progress and brainstorming meetings
  • Must maintain professionalism in graphics (no profanity, etc)
  • Previous graphics experience is a bonus

Photographer/ Videographer

  • Works with VP Marketing and Programming
  • Must be available at most events during the semester
  • Takes photographs and videos during events and meetings
  • Takes updated member headshots every semester
  • Uploads or sends photos within 24 hours of event
  • Advises VP Marketing on which photographs to use for promotion
  • Experience editing videos is a bonus

Podcast Coordinators

  • Records biweekly podcasts for Impact 
  • Brainstorms themes for each podcast, about 15 minutes each
  • Contacts club members to be featured in podcasts
  • Organizes a meeting time to record podcasts, and informs VP Club Admin of this date to arrange a room booking
  • Edits podcasts
  • Meets with VP Marketing on a regular basis to market the podcast

Finance Committee

Finance Coordinator

  • Works with VP Finance
  • Completes reimbursement forms while enhancing financial knowledge
  • Advises event coordinators on appropriate and feasible event budgets
  • Analyzes costs and benefits for the various initiatives that Impact SFU undertakes
  • Must pay attention to detail and never miss a deadline
  • Brainstorms potential fundraising ideas for Impact
  • Discusses the best time to make a BWCF donation with VP Finance 
  • Meets with VP Finance on a regular basis

Administration Committee


  • Works with VP Club Administration 
  • Must be able to attend every meeting to take minutes
  • Edits and finalizes meeting minutes within 24 hours and sends to VP Club Admin to email everyone
  • Must follow the meeting minutes format as described by VP Club Admin
  • Locker inventory
  • At events, is the designated individual to access the club locker (must attend events)