This is our main platform for communication between other coordinators as well as executive members.


Step 1 - Join our workspace

  • Sign into our workspace: impactsfu.slack.com
  • Check your inbox for an email invitation from Slack
  • Click Join Now
  • Enter your full name and a password and click Create an Account 

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Step 2 - Navigating the app

Threads: This feature shows you the most recent responses on the channels and direct messages that you are involved in.

Channels: After being added to a channel, it will appear on your sidebar.  Separate channels makes it  more convenient to manage group messages in one place.

Direct Messages: If you're looking to contact one person or if you're trying to make a group chat, this is the place to do it!

Google calendar & google drive


Add our google calendar to your google drive to keep track of meetings and events!


Step 1 - Google Drive

Our google drive is meant to allow coordinators to access meeting minutes, as well as various documents. It also helps keep files organized.

Join Google drive

Step 2 - Google Calendar

Our calendar is continuously updated on our website to display the date, time, and location of all our events on campus. Bi-weekly meeting times and locations will also be found here!

add calendar



This is most commonly used during the event planning process.


Step 1 - Join our team

  • Check your inbox for an email invitation from Impact
  • Enter your full name and a password and click Create New Account (or sign up with Google)

Click to join

Step 2 - Navigating the app

Your Team Boards: If you are assigned a task for an event, it will show up here.

Team Boards: This section contains all of the boards within the club. Feel free to check them out!

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