Our execs work hard to oversee coordinator activities and to create a positive environment for our coordinators!




Throughout the year our coordinators work with execs to help create and promote events on campus!

coordinator team



Although we focus on leadership and student engagement, some funds we raise through our fundraisers go to support girl's education in 

Sub Saharan Africa.



Maya Naidu: Co-President


 Maya is a second year Health Sciences student, and she is the Co-President and Co-Founder of Impact SFU. In her free time, Maya enjoys reading, sleeping 11 consecutive hours, walks in nature, and looking at science memes - but her true joy comes from helping others develop their passions and goals.  Maya also works as a tutor with the Friends of Simon program, volunteers in an HIV research lab, and peer mentors with the Faculty of Health Sciences. 

Fun fact: Maya has never pulled an all nighter.

Shay Hayashi: Co-President


Shay is the co-founder and co-president of Impact SFU. She’s a second-year student studying MBB at SFU. Her hobbies include running, yoga, buying plants and eating desserts and ramen - huge reason why she works at a ramen shop. She values personal development and leadership. She volunteers for the YMCA’s Youth Leadership Development program and works with youth in the community to discuss current events and help with developing their confidence. 

Fun fact: She’s a mother of 6 plants and counting!

Nadeesha Udawatte: VP of Business


Nadeesha is the Vice President of Finance and she is a fourth year Business and Economics Student. She wants to use her Economics knowledge to find more resources to help the less fortunate unleash their potential. She loves to look after puppies, attend concerts and sing Karaoke.

Fun fact: Her favourite band is Coldplay.

Sarah Qiu: VP of Marketing


Sarah is the VP of Marketing and a second year psychology student.  When she isn't studying, you can find her binge watching a show or singing. She is passionate about helping others and giving back to the community by volunteering at childcare centres. Sarah is definitely more of a home-body but is always up for a new adventure!

Fun fact: She has been hit in the face by a soccer ball, volleyball and basketball.

Lara Gastaldello: VP of Club Administration


Lara is a second year Biomedical Physiology Major and she is the VP of Administration for Impact SFU. She enjoys reading, watching Netflix, playing with her cat, and bike riding. Lara is passionate about fostering leadership skills and supporting the Beautiful World Canada Foundation.

Fun fact: She can wiggle her ears.


Brandon the Blogger and a Podcast Co-host


Brandon is a second-year Biology student who wishes to assist Impact in their altruistic goals. Being both a program coordinator and blogger for Impact, he hopes his contributions will help provide SFU a welcoming environment for self-improvement and leadership.

Victor a Podcast Co-host


 Victor is a second-year student in the faculty of Health Sciences. He is aiming to build connections and getting involved with helping others to provide a better environment for SFU. 

Angel the Secretary


Angel is a second-year MBB student who wishes to make a positive impact on the community. She currently hopes to act as a secretary for Impact SFU and strives to aid in the club’s common goal in improving girl’s education in Sub Saharan Africa. 

Joanne from Programming


Joanne is a second-year Beedie student who is currently part of the programming team. She is interested in promoting student-run activities at SFU Surrey Campus and strives to foster an inclusive and fun SFU community. 

Albert from Programming


 Albert is a second-year BPK student who is currently part of the programming coordinators division of Impact SFU. He hopes to contribute in aiding the club with its goal of promoting education across sub-saharan Africa in addition to engaging with the students of SFU through its events. 

Emily from Programming


Emily is a second-year BPK student who is currently one of the programming coordinators. She strives to not only survive school but to also give back to the community through events coordinating; she also wants to help raise awareness on the importance of self- development and leadership.