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Although we focus on leadership and student engagement, some funds we raise through our fundraisers go to support girl's education in 

Sub Saharan Africa.



Maya Naidu: Co-President

Maya is the co-president and co-founder of Impact SFU. She is a Health Sciences student who hopes to make getting involved enjoyable and exciting, while working toward a charitable goal.

Shay Hayashi: Co-President

Shay is an MBB student working to lead and motivate the club alongside the executives. She strives to improve the inter-club relations by making club members feel valuable, collaborate with one another, and be inspired to raise awareness about girls’ education.

Margit Glashutter: VP Internal Communications

Margit believes that the Impact SFU is unique from other Surrey clubs such that it strives to promote student leadership and involvement on campus. Her role in the club is to communicate with others primarily via email and organize sponsorships. Margit is currently a MBB student who has a passion for the outdoors and loves backpacking, hiking and skiing in her spare time.

Oderah Rhodes: VP Finance

Oderah manages club funds and oversees the finances for different Impact SFU events. She is in the BBA program and aims to use the knowledge and skills gained in business courses to benefit the lives of people who don’t have access to the same education. She works to create a greater sense of community at the SFU Surrey campus through Impact SFU.

Cameron Nessman: VP External Relations

Cameron is an EVSC student who makes bubble tea and sells shoes. He also oversees our website and social media presence, as well as manages club-to-club relations and ensures representation at social events. Cameron believes Impact SFU is an excellent place for new students looking to join 

Kaylla Paran: VP Programming

Kaylla plans and organizes the events for Impact SFU. She also motivates and recruits student volunteers to participate for these events because she wants to expand student involvement in the school community. Kaylla hopes to inspire others to raise awareness about girls’ access to education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lara Gastaldello: VP Programming & Secretary

Lara is a BPK student who is passionate about helping underprivileged girls gain access to education. Her duties include working out event details, transcribing meeting minutes, and coordinating fundraisers. Lara hopes to make Impact SFU an inclusive and enjoyable club for all members. 

Jared Kengkengan: VP Marketing

Jared is the Website designer of Impact SFU. He maintains the website and keeps it updated. He believes that this Surrey based club works to encourage student leadership and involvement. Jared hopes that his contributions will make a difference.